adopt a bishop

It's good to know that with our prayers and daily toil we can become part of something great and tie in with a world-embracing Church. In these days, we want to stand side by side to thank God for our pope Francis, all our bishops and our whole Church. We want to beseech God that all the participants of the synod may be filled with the Holy Spirit, that the synod will bear witness of God's beauty and splendor, that the image of the family in the way that God sees it will shine and that God's will be done.

Well aware of how much God longs for our prayer, our coming before him, our intercession (John 14,13), we have decided to bring this initiative into being.

Let us support our shepherds with all our faith and help them carry their burden especially in these days (Galatians 6,2). Praying or fasting in this way, we may be like Moses and his helpers, who invoked strength and protection for their warriors through their prayers (Exodus 17, 8-15).
We want to invoke the Holy Spirit, just like the apostles did together with Mary before Pentecost (Acts 1,14), so that the bishops, fulfilled by Him, will be able to realize God’s will, think his thoughts, do his deeds and speak his words. We wholeheartedly wish for God's wonderful and merciful plan to be put into action through his bishops.

We fervently believe that God delights in our prayer, that he rejoices over every single one of us who joins in and that God will answer our prayer in his name with great joy (Matthew 18, 19).