Adopt a bishop

Your personal prayer for a bishop (or a member of the Synod) can make a difference to the process and the results of the Synod of Bishops from October 3 – 28 2018!

On this page we want to give you the opportunity to adopt a bishop. With your personal prayer and intercession you can carry him through this event.
This initiative lasts until the end of the Synod of Youth.

If you wish, you can of course continue to pray for him afterwards.

If you can respond YES to the following questions, join in!

* Are you thankful for our Pope and bishops who faithfully carry out the work of shepherds, and who try to care for, lead and protect the faithful in these pressing days?
* Do you have the desire, that through the Holy Spirit, the members of the Synod are able to recognize God’s response to the needs of our time, especially with regard to youth, faith and vocational discernment?
* Would you like to personally pray and intercede for a bishop/member of the synod, to support and stand up for them in the coming weeks?

If you answered YES klick „Adopt“ now.